How to Register for mass

Registering for mass has never been quicker or easier than now with our current website. Please find below detailed instructions on how to book for mass.

Step 1: Selecting a Place of Worship

Upon selecting 'Click Here to register for Mass' on the home page you will presented with the following web page titled 'Our Services': 

Please click the 'Book Now' box under the church you would like to attend. 

Our Services.PNG

Step 2: Selecting a Mass Time

Once you have selected a church you will be transferred to the following screen.

To select a mass, please click a time under

the date you would like to attend mass.

Once you have selected a time, click the

'Next' box.

Select a Time Screen.PNG

Step 3: Registering your contact information

To conclude the booking process you will asked to input your full name, email address, contact number and contact address as well as agreeing to our COVID-19 terms and conditions. Once you have entered your details click the black 'Book It' box on the right-hand side of the screen to complete your booking. 

Please Note: If you do not have an email address please enter in the 'Email Address' box -

Add your info Page.PNG

Step 4: Booking Additional Guests or Times

Unfortunately at this stage we are still in discussions with web designers regarding making multiple bookings at once possible. 

For the time being, we ask that if you would like to book an additional person or an additional mass time you select the 'Check out more services' button at the bottom on the page seen after completing your mass registration.

Check out more.PNG