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Navigating the Sacraments can sometimes be a confusing process. Whatever your circumstance, St Joseph's Cathedral has the staff and the dedication to assist you. 

What type of Sacrament do you need?

Contact or Visit the Cathedral Parish of St Joseph for help with all things Baptism including preparation, candles, stoles and certificates. 

We offer Eucharist at each our masses and even have options for Eucharist to be brought to you if you or a loved one is housebound. Our Parish also provides Sacramental preparation for children preparing for their first Eucharist. 

The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph currently has a dedicated weekly timeslot for Reconciliation on Saturday morning at 9:30am at St Joseph's Cathedral. If this time does not suit we also offer reconciliation during office hours if a priest is in. 

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The Sacrament of Confirmation represents full initiation in the Church and is something our parish offers every year to the community. 

The Sacrament of the Anointing of the sick is available to the community at all times, even after hours in emergencies. Either through our priests or our hard-working volunteers, we will make sure you or your loved one receives anointing.  

We are always happy to help prepare and celebrate your special day with you! Arrangement for marriage must be made with a minimum of six months notice. We have three beautiful churches available for marriage so please contact us to start your marriage journey today!

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