2 Ways your Cathedral is Changing

Works are being undertaken both inside and outside of the Cathedral to improve and restore aspects of this grand building and its surrounds.

The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph has partnered with The Cathedral College and The Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton to begin major refurbishment works on the Cathedral Close. These works aim to improve and safety and accessibility of this area as over time the pavers have become very run down and in some areas unsafe. Plans show that the work is anticipated to be completed by December. Unfortunately this means for a next few months the absence of the Cathedral Close may lead to congestion and fewer parking spaces. However, these works are absolutely necessary to ensure parishioner safety.

Meanwhile on the inside of the Cathedral, local experts in statue and painting refurbishment are receiving invaluable knowledge about how to maintain and repair the beautiful Stations of the Cross that line the walls of the Cathedral. The Stations of the Cross were procured from Europe toward the end of 1903 by Bishop Higgins, during his visit there. They were introduced to the Cathedral in September, 1904. With the knowledge provided by the course, The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph can be self-sufficient in caring for these century-old examples of fantastic craftsmanship.

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