2020 Chrism Mass - 'Like No Other'

"The Chrism Mass is a reminder of God's love for us during these challenging times..."

Bishop Michael McCarthy

Originally planned to be held in the first quarter of the year, the 2020 Chrism Mass held on Monday 12th of October was like no other in recent history. Bishop Michael celebrated this special Diocesan event in St Joseph's Cathedral, which compared to previous years; was virtually empty of the faithful due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Chrism masses consistently bring in hundreds of attendees from across the Rockhampton Diocese to St Joseph's Cathedral to celebrate the renewal of ordination promises to God and the unity amongst the priests with our Bishop. This year however, with the backdrop of a global pandemic, limited spaces were available to ensure COVID-19 restrictions on mass gatherings could be met.

Despite these limitations, this year's Chrism Mass remained a great success with hundreds utilising the Cathedral's live streaming service to ensure they were still able to experience the event, albeit virtually.

At the conclusion of the mass, as priests began their week-long in-service, volunteers at the Cathedral Office sprang into action and commenced the mammoth task of dividing, bottling and distributing the Holy Oils across the Rockhampton Diocese to ensure communities are prepared for the year ahead.

Organisers from the Rockhampton Diocese are hopeful that the 2021 Chrism Mass can once again draw more attendees from across the Diocese and restore the wonderful sight of a full St Joseph's Cathedral for this very special event.

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