A COVID Christmas

"Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill

Saying a lot went wrong this year is like saying water is wet. However, despite all of these new challenges a great deal of things went right.

Christmas masses went ahead as planned under strict COVID-restrictions that saw only a maximum of just over 400 people being allowed in the Cathedral at any one time. Congestion at the sign-in tables was immense and meant that one of the Christmas Vigil masses unfortunately had a late start. We deeply apologise for these failings and we hope to implement solutions that will streamline the process as much as possible in the future.

It was also saddening to hear that some long-time parishioners were unable to attend Christmas masses due to mass centres reaching their COVID-19 limit. However, in many cases people who pre-registered but then did not show up or inform the office of their cancellation meant that many of these parishioners may have been able to attend after-all. By investigating electronic booking systems, we hope to make the cancellation process easier and available in real-time, to avoid these issues going forward.

With so much being cancelled this Christmas it was heartening to see that the Volunteer's Without Borders Christmas Lunch was able to adapt to the situation and provide many struggling Rocky locals the chance to enjoy a Christmas lunch and some company on what has been a lonely year. The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph congratulates Volunteer's Without Borders for their resilience and determination to provide this year's Christmas lunch under extremely trying circumstances.

The Cathedral Parish Office Staff wish to thank all volunteers for their outstanding work during this time and wish to also thank each and every parishioner for their patience and understanding. We sincerely hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and we wish you the very best for 2021.

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