Advent arrives at the Cathedral Bookstore

The Cathedral bookstore has been transformed to reflect that Advent is just around the corner with special areas being set-up to display fresh Christmas stock.

With many retailers struggling with shipping and postage issues due to the ongoing pandemic; the quick thinking and organisation of our bookstore staff and volunteers has meant that the Cathedral Bookstore has received it's Christmas stock well and truly on time for the 2020 Christmas season.

This year's selection includes a wide variety of Christmas cards, Columban Calendars (which are always a highly sought after item and a wonderful Christmas gift) and many other Christmas items.

The Cathedral Bookstore is the hub of liturgical purchases in the Diocese with more remote communities of the Diocese relying on the dedicated staff of the Bookstore for their liturgical goods each year. By purchasing Christmas goods from the Cathedral Bookstore (which is located next to St Joseph's Cathedral) and encouraging others to do the same you are directly ensuring that the Cathedral Bookstore can continue to operate and provide a fantastic service not only to our Parish but the entire Diocese.

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