Ashwin to be Ordained to Diaconate

After a number of years of prayerful discernment and study at Banyo's seminary, Rockhampton Diocese's Ashwin Acharya will soon be ordained to the Diaconate for the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton.

Acharya, a former student of Primary Education at Central Queensland University and Campus Minister at St Ursula's College, began his journey to becoming a priest by joining the Holy Spirit Seminary in early 2015.

Late last month it was announced by the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton that Ashwin is to be ordained to the Diaconate and shared some of his petition:

"With a clear conscience and steadfast love, I will hold the mystery of faith while proclaiming this faith in word and action. I am resolved to hold and teach the doctrine of the Catholic Church concerning faith and morals. I desire to shape by way of life according to the example of Christ, whose body and blood I will give to the faithful. Conscious of my own limitation, yet confident that the grace of God will not be in vain, I commit myself to your prayers."

The Ordination of Ashwin Acharya to the Diaconate for the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton will be on November 18th, 2020 at St Joseph's Cathedral, Rockhampton. Due to COVID restrictions, the event will also be livestreamed.

For those who would rather attend the event in-person, you are encouraged to register for the mass using the same method as booking for a weekend mass where you will see the Special Mass 'Ordination of Ashwin Acharya. Please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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