Chapter Closes on Cathedral Bookstore

The Cathedral Bookstore has for many years served the Rockhampton Catholic Community as well as the wider Diocese. For the past six years, these communities have been served by Jo-Anne. Jo as she is more affectionately known, has diligently worked at The Cathedral Bookstore, becoming a familiar and very friendly face to clergy and parishioners around the Diocese and beyond. This Thursday, we are sad to report that those six years of service will come to end as Jo moves on from the role.

Whilst serving customers and stock management are major aspects of the Cathedral Bookstore Manager role, there are many other essential elements such as bookkeeping, financial reporting and website design that must also be kept on top of to ensure the Bookstore continues to operate efficiently. However what is far more important than any of the above tasks is the human side to running the bookstore. Jo-Anne's ability to connect and develop a personal relationship with customers and suppliers has been a priceless gift that has meant the Cathedral Bookstore has been able to continue in an increasingly challenging retail environment.

The Cathedral Bookstore receives a great deal of assistance in the form of our generous volunteers, many of which have been serving for several years. Upon commencing work at the Bookstore, Jo was able to form close bonds with the volunteering team and together they have worked closely to deliver excellent service to the Rockhampton Diocese.

A cloud of uncertainty hangs over the future of the bookstore now, but one thing is certain; Jo-Anne's friendliness, kindness, humour and heartful service to our community will be sorely missed. We wish Jo-Anne all the best in her new position and all of her future endeavors.

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