Clergy Support Foundation Appeal 30 May 2021

This weekend we remember our retired priests and their amazing service to our faith communities by joining with the rest of the Diocese to hold the Clergy Support Foundation Appeal.

The foundation's goal is to assist retired clergy by providing accommodation, support and any other services that allow dignity to our priests in retirement and poor health.

We invite you to donate or to become a monthly giver if you are financially able. Giving to the Clergy Support Foundation is a great way to thank our retired priests who have selflessly nurtured us in those critical moments of our spiritual lives.

To learn more straight from one of our very own retired priests, check out Fr Terry Loth's reflection. Here's a small excerpt!

"Friends, You are part of our Catholic family, and I’d like to thank you, on behalf of all our retired priests for your generous care. It is your support that means our retired priests continue to live their vocational calling. My prayer for you is that you will experience this sense of hope and freedom as vaccinations role out and we don’t have to worry anymore about getting COVID. Furthermore, that you will experience that deeper hope from our Lord who promises a better future that is going to be better than anything we can or might experience in this life."

To read more click on this link:

To say thank you to our retired priests you can give using Clergy Support Foundation Appeal envelopes available at masses over the coming weeks or donate online at:

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