Diocese Welcomes Fr Ashwin to the Priesthood!

On Thursday the 17th of June, the bells of St Joseph's Cathedral tolled with joy to celebrate the ordination of Fr Ashwin Acharya.

For the first time in recent memory, St Joseph's Cathedral was full of well-wishers keen to celebrate this special day with Fr Ashwin and his family. Priests and parishioners from around the Diocese and beyond witnessed Fr Ashwin being ordained and welcomed to the priesthood by his priestly brothers and Bishop Michael McCarthy.

This special day would not have been possible without the mammoth effort put in by the organising committee who not only had the task or organising an ordination, but making sure it was COVID-Safe as well!

The next day, The Cathedral hosted a mass of thanksgiving which Fr Ashwin led for the very first time.

Fr Ashwin's homily was a definite highlight of the mass with Fr Ashwin linking God's light and us to sunflowers and the Sun; we turn to God who is our light and our life, and if in some circumstances the light cannot be found, we turn to each other.

Congratulations on your ordination Fr Ashwin and we wish you the very best on your first appointment to the Gladstone Parish!

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