End of an Era for Cathedral

"I like to speak with the youth, and I like to hear the youth. They always put me in difficulty. They tell me things that I haven't through of, or that I've partly thought of. The restless youth, the creative youth, I like them!" - Pope Francis

For many years the 2nd Sunday of each month at St Joseph's Cathedral was a time to look forward to for our parishioners with attendees being treated to excellent music and ministry by our Catholic Young Adults.

Unfortunately this will come to an end this Sunday evening with the youth team performing their last mass at St Joseph's Cathedral. Their command of music and ability to enliven even the most traditional hymns will be sorely missed. The joy and positive effect youth masses had on The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph are testament to the importance of encouraging our youth to be more involved in mass.

Whilst youth mass at the Cathedral may now not be occurring, the wonderful work of the Rockhampton Catholic Young Adults will now be focused on engaging and growing the Catholic faith in a new generation of youth on Rockhampton's north side where a brand new youth mass and program is in it's infancy.

We wish the youth team the very best in their endeavors and give thanks for their musical and ministerial gifts and the positive impact they had on the Parish.

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