'Learning to Forgive' - FOCUS by Fr Bryan Hanifin

The Roman philosopher Seneca wrote: “The sins of others are before our eyes, our own are behind our backs.” We all know we should forgive, but that doesn’t mean its easy to do, especially when a person has wronged us in a terrible way. Withholding forgiveness can cause a toxic cloud to hang over our lives and prevent us from truly finding joy.

Refusal to forgive can consume the heart and drain the energy. Forgiveness does not tolerate revenge. Learning to let go and forgive will heal our souls and help us to find happiness in this life.

Experiencing God’s generous mercy transforms who we are and the way we see our lives. We can recognise the blessings given to us. We cannot heal ourselves by clinging to our wounds. And neither can we contribute to the repairing of the world without practicing forgiveness.

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