National Child Protection Week 6th - 12th September 2020

Putting Children First

"Putting children first" means prioritising the safety and wellbeing of all children. To grow up well, children need to feel safe and loved, have the chance to play nad explore, have a say in decisions that affect them, and access to essential things like food, shelter and healthcare. For children to thrive we need to come together as a church and as a community to put children's needs first during National Child Protection Week and every week.

All parishioners are invited this year to look at how they can prioritise children in their lives and communities and engage in National Child Protection Week - both as individuals and organisations.

The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph is grateful to have the constant support of Noela Walls our Parish Safeguarding Representative who is always reachable by contacting the Cathedral Office.

To learn more about National Child Protection Week 2020, please check out the following link!

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