Parish Officially Welcomes New Catholics

On Saturday the 21st of November, five RCIA candidates were initiated into the Catholic Church by Bishop Michael McCarthy. It is hoped that this moving ceremony will set the tone for these five extraordinary people's faith life in The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph and beyond.

The RCIA process is a time of great discernment and learning about the Catholic Church which this year was made significantly more challenging due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, despite the break in education due to lockdown, the RCIA team and initiates should be congratulated for their enthusiasm to return as soon as COVID-19 restrictions eased.

Thanks must also go to the hard work and dedication of The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph's RCIA team, which provided excellent support and a positive learning environment for our initiates to experience the Catholic Church and grow exponentially in their faith.

With restrictions continuing to ease and more community groups in the Parish beginning to re-emerge, it is hoped that these five new candidates immerse themselves in some of our fantastic faith groups and continue to build upon the enthusiasm for their faith life that has been forged during their RCIA journey.

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