Public Rosary Returns to Parish Life

"If you wish to convert anyone to the fullness of knowledge of Our Lord and of His Mystical Body, then teach him the Rosary. One of two things will happen. Either he will stop saying the Rosary - or he will get the gift of faith." - Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Every year Catholics from around the Diocese gather at the park adjacent to the Cathedral for the very popular 'Rosary in The Park'. Attendees always express how wonderful it is to experience a communal rosary in natural surrounds. This year however, due to coronavirus restrictions regarding public gatherings, organisers have had to think outside the box and change 'Rosary in the Park' to 'Rosary in the Cathedral.'

On Saturday the 10th of October at 10am at St Joseph's Cathedral, a public rosary will once again be heard in the Parish after a long hiatus. Organisers have done an excellent job to ensure the experience will be just as powerful as 'Rosary in the Park' whilst maintaining COVID-Safe practices.

Organisers encourage anyone interested in once again experiencing a communal Rosary to attend 'Rosary in the Cathedral' and to invite friends and family. Organisers even have you covered with free Rosary beads on the day if you do not have a pair available! Registration will be at the door.

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