"Rediscovering the Lord's Love"- FOCUS by Fr Bill Senn

"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call to Him while he is near ... "

These words from Isaiah 55:6-9 are significant as they invite us to a deeper level of belief in the reality that God is always present in our lives .. just waiting for us to discover and rediscover him again & again.

It is with these words that God, through the prophet Isaiah, comforted and consoled his people as they were making the return journey to the land of Israel, from which they had been exiled many years previously. It was an invitation to them to experience God's presence in the present stage of their life's journey. An opportunity to not only return to their homeland of Israel, but also to return to the homeland of their life: faith in God's love & abiding presence.

May we too rediscover the Lord's love, light & presence in the present of our own life; may we joyfully share this Good News with the whole world! AMEN!

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