Remembering the Fallen

The sound of Bagpipes rang out over the grounds of the Cathedral on the morning of Tuesday 29th of September signaling the the commencement of the National Police Remembrance Day service at St Joseph's Cathedral.

National Police Remembrance Day is an annual event which sees vigils, marches and services held to remember and honour police officers who have been killed in the line of duty as well as remembering those whose death did not occur as a consequence of their duty. It is also fitting that the 29th of September is the Feast day of St. Michael the Archangel, patron saint of police.

Like many other events this year, the typical format of this special day had been changed significantly to ensure COVID-19 restrictions were satisfied. Whilst usually a march would occur near Central Park, in this year of pandemic the day was limited to the actual service in the Cathedral under COVID-Safe restrictions. Whilst disappointing, attendees and organisers were still grateful they are able to gather to remember the fallen.

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