Thank you!

The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph is powered by people of all ages, cultures and walks of life. When these people come together to prepare for an event as big as Holy Week, it is an amazing sight to see.

With elements such as newly imposed mask-wearing mandates and poor weather in the Rockhampton region, the odds were stacked against the Easter Triduum being a success after last year's online only Triduum. Despite this, we experienced record numbers since the COVID-19 pandemic began and overwhelming compliance of social distancing and mask wearing rules. The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph is extremely grateful for your patience and support during these challenging times, particularly with such large numbers for the Easter Triduum (over 1500 attendees across our churches!).

We give thanks and pass on many compliments received by parishioners to our army of volunteers who tirelessly arranged our churches for the Easter Triduum masses. Many parishioners mentioned the deeply moving Holy Saturday Mass at the Cathedral, with the Cathedral in darkness apart from a single light illuminating a large wooden cross behind the altar.

We sincerely thank our readers, sacristans, musicians, singers, check-in team and our live stream crew whose combined effort meant that for over 5000 people, many of whom who would be isolating in their homes, could still celebrate the Easter Triduum.

The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph and its mission to provide mass for our community is powered by the donations of time and money by kind-hearted people. For that reason we will continue to give thanks for our amazing community and the gifts that they share with us.

We hope you had a fantastic Easter Weekend and wish you all the very best for the rest of 2021.

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