The New Normal

You check the program and times, selecting the session you would like to attend. You then book your ticket because you don't want to run the risk of registering on the day and there not being enough seats left. You arrive and are checked in at the entrance. Finally you take your seat just in time for mass to start.

Twelve months ago the above would have been an apt description of organising a trip to the theatre. No one could have predicted that this would be the procedure for attending Sunday mass in this time of pandemic.

Faced with this strange reality, parishioners of The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph have been both understanding and accepting of these procedures with statistics from TryBooking showing over 2,000 parishioners have attended various mass centres in the Parish during this time of socially distanced mass.

Now that TryBooking has been retired in favour of The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph's new website, parish administrators have seen a promising increase in weekly mass bookings. Each mass registration drastically reduces sign-in time for both parishioners and the hard-working volunteers at the doors of the church, meaning mass can be enjoyed conveniently and safely.

We thank all parishioners for their understanding and willingness to use our online booking services. With our new website, booking in for mass can take less than a minute. You are encouraged to give it a try at

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