The Sacrament of marriage in the Catholic church is a powerful and joyous time. It is a symbol of God's free, total and faithful love for the world. Husbands and wives can draw from this sacred moment to help them love each other as God loves them. Marriage in Catholicism is also a sacred vow which, much like God's promise of love to us, can never be broken.


The Cathedral Parish of St Joseph offer three uniquely beautiful churches for the sacrament of marriage as well as the opportunity to be married outside of a church at the location of your choice. The Cathedral Parish Staff are here to assist you in preparing for your wedding and are committed to helping you in any way needed during the exciting preparation phase including the preparation of paperwork and the planning of your marriage ceremony. 

If you would like to be married in the Cathedral Parish of St Joseph please call the Cathedral Parish office on 4927 6744. We ask that you provide at least six months notice of intention to marry. We wish you the very best of luck during this exciting time!